Our Skincare Tips For Winter Sun

 In February, we’re used to cold, dark wintry weather. But whether you’re jetting off for some much-needed winter sun, or are staying here in the UK waiting for warmer weather to hit, it’s essential to care for your skin with skincare tips from our dermatologists.

Here at Cedars Dermatology, our skin clinics – whether Harley Street, Elstree, Northwood or beyond – offer you the best skincare treatments and the skills of professional dermatologists to give you advice, information and support about how to take care of you and your skin.

In this post, our skin clinics share their top skincare tips for winter sun – wherever you are.

  • Use sun care products on your skin

Even if it’s cloudy outside, it doesn’t mean that the sun can’t affect your skin – which is something our dermatologists emphasise to our patients. Depending on where you are and the time of year, you can try sun cream itself, beauty products with added sun protection, or a combination of the two.

SPF, sun protection factor, denotes the amount of UVB protection, with 50+ being the highest, while the star rating denotes the UVA protection, with 5 stars being the highest. The NHS recommends buying sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 for UVB protection and a star rating of at least 4 for UVA protection.

Always read sun care products carefully – they need re-applying throughout the day to maintain protection, with water-resistant ones potentially needing more frequent applications. In addition, these products do have a shelf life, usually of 2-3 years – and may not work as well over time.


  • Take your skin type into account

Dermatologists recommend those with lighter skin tones, freckles and/or moles, and a history of skin cancer in their family take special care in the sun. In addition, those who are travelling to a hot country where the sun is more intense, and those that spend more time outdoors in general (for example, someone who works outdoors such as a landscape gardener) may be more vulnerable – if you’re unsure, your dermatologist can advise you. We offer a mole mapping service at our Cadogan clinic, where we can take photos of your moles and spot and changes in the future.


  • Check your moles

It’s important to check your skin regularly for signs of new moles and freckles, and changes to existing ones that may occur. Noting size, shape and colour is key. Our mole mapping service can help identify any of these changes.

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