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Mole mapping

People with many existing moles may benefit from mole mapping. This is carried out at the Cadogan Clinic and involves review by a dermatologist followed by full body photography of your skin and close up pictures of moles that require particular attention. This can aid in detecting changes in moles over a period of time by comparison with baseline images and hence enable early detection of skin cancer. Patients who have lots of moles ( > 50), especially irregular ones, and/or have a strong personal or family history of skin cancer may particularly benefit from this.

Please note the view of the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) on mole mapping

The BAD believes that non-invasive imaging techniques may have a role to play in the assessment of pigmented and other lesions of the skin. As such, they are often helpful in supporting the trained dermatologist in coming to a diagnosis.

The BAD has not seen any evidence that these imaging techniques, even when supplemented by computer processing and analysis of the images, can replace the experienced clinical opinion of a trained Consultant Dermatologist”

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