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Treatment for Acne in London 

Acne is an extremely unpleasant condition for the sufferer caused by the hair follicles becoming blocked with dead skin cells or excess oil. This results in a ‘spotty’ complexion that is worse than the average teenage breakout. Symptoms include black heads and white heads, pustules and painful lumps deep beneath the surface of the skin. These symptoms occur most commonly on the face but also appear on the chest, back and shoulders. If standard skin care solutions have not been successful in clearing your acne, it is time to seek help from an expert dermatologist. Studies show that acne can have a detrimental effect on mental health, therefore it is essential that you contact a dermatologist as soon as possible. Here at Cedars Dermatology in London we provide many acne treatment to help lessen the appearance of acne and prevent permanent scarring.

What does acne treatment involve?

Acne treatment can take a many forms, the type of medication you are given will largely depend on the severity of your acne. During your consultation, your dermatologist will assess the condition of your skin and create a personalised treatment plan to suit your needs. Typical acne treatment plans include gels or creams to apply to the effected area, oral antibiotics or hormone-modulating tablets, chemical peels or Photodynamic therapy.

How long until I see results?

Treatment for acne can take months to take effect. This can means you should prepare to treat your acne from home in between your appointments. For the treatment process to be successful, you must be dedicated and follow instructions exactly as directed. It is also important that you apply or take your medication for the full time period that your dermatologist suggested. Being freed of the symptoms of acne can be a liberating experience that enables patients to feel more confident. The process may seem like hard work but your return on investment in your skin will be a positive one.

What if my treatment doesn’t work?

As the symptoms of acne vary from person to person, occasionally the treatment process requires a trial-and-error approach. Your dermatologist will monitor the progress of your skin by scheduling regular appointments. This way your treatment plan be adjusted if necessary, this will ensure that the best results possible are achieved.

How to I start my treatment?

If you are ready to start your professional treatment journey for acne. The first step will be to contact the Cedars Dermatology clinic. A member of our expert team will speak to you regarding the condition of your acne and treatment. We will then be able to schedule an initial consultation to discuss the best course of action for your needs. Our consultant dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto on what you can do to treat acne.

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