Why Do I Have Rosacea?


Being dermatologists, we like to help our patients feel more comfortable in their own skin. Whether they seek our treatments for peace of mind, aesthetic reasons or to address a medical concern, we’re here to help. 

Today, we’ll focus on rosacea and rosacea treatment – getting to the bottom of why this condition strikes, how to manage it, and ways to boost your self-confidence for the future. 


So, what is rosacea?


It’s essentially where the skin flares up, creating redness, inflammation and spots. It does share some symptoms with other conditions (for instance, the spots may appear similar to acne), so it’s important to get it properly diagnosed by a dermatologist. As a rosacea clinic serving Northwood, we can help do just that. 


How do I know if I have rosacea?


Aside from the typical symptoms we’ve listed, you might also experience other signs, such as thicker areas of skin, yellow-orange patches, and swollen eyelids. Stinging and burning, as well as general sensitivity, can also occur. 


What causes the problem?


It’s not known why you, or anyone else, develop symptoms. But, some triggers have been identified, which can make the problem worse. These include:

Diet – spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine and cheese are all thought to be triggers.
Heat – whether a hot drink or time in the sun, can contribute to flare-ups.
Exercise – intensive exercise can create a flushed appearance.


What about treatment?


Dermatologists typically suggest three approaches – all effective treatments we can offer here at our rosacea clinic:


Laser treatment – this targets redness by gently breaking down underlying blood vessels
Medicines – tablets such as beta-blockers or antibiotics can clear up spots and inflammation
Creams – these soothe away redness while helping to fortify skin 


You can also look into options at home. Skincare with chamomile is known to be soothing on skin (the reason it’s commonly used to treat sunburn), while supplements could combat inflammation. You could also try daily UV protection to guard the skin from the sun. Our dermatologists here at our rosacea clinic can also offer some lifestyle tips. 


What’s my next step?


We’d suggest booking in at our rosacea clinic with an expert dermatologist; we serve many areas of London, including Northwood. Feel free to pick up the phone, email, or fill out a form – you’ll find all the details via our contact page. We’ll then book you in for a no-obligation consultation at our rosacea clinic.