What Is The Most Effective Acne Treatment?


Acne is a condition that results in red, inflamed, spotty skin. It can be sore, itchy or not have any other symptoms at all, but most sufferers find it affects their confidence and self-esteem, and scars can be possible without acne treatment.

While nearly all of us experience acne at some point in our lives, it’s usually most prevalent in those undergoing hormonal changes: think teenagers, pregnant women and menopausal women. It can also run in families. In this post, our acne dermatologists, serving the Elstree area, will be discussing some of our common treatments, helping you to build a picture of what could work for you and your skin.

Some of our acne treatments available:


1) Topical treatments

Gels, creams, lotions, and other treatments can be applied directly to the affected skin. Other treatments might be recommended at the same time. This acne treatment is usually recommended for more mild cases.

2) Oral medication

This ranges from antibiotics to hormone-modulating tablets (such as the oral contraceptive pill), and isotretinoin capsules (usually for the most severe cases).

3) Skin treatments

One of our most successful acne treatments, which might also address acne scarring, is chemical peels. These can reduce breakouts by up to 50%. Again, severe cases may see the greatest benefit. Photodynamic therapy – a light treatment that activates a special cream – can also help the condition.


Our acne treatment recommendations

You might be wondering what the best acne treatment for your skin might be, or what the most effective acne treatment actually is. Well, this depends on the severity of your acne and other factors, like your skin type or medical history. That’s why we always arrange a skin consultation for our patients. It helps us make tailored recommendations, is a place where we can prescribe appropriate treatments, and is a time for us to put together a treatment plan that’s ideal for you.


A few things to note on acne treatment

We often tell our patients that there’s no quick fix or ‘miracle cure’ for acne – and it’s always possible to develop acne later in life, or have repeated outbreaks. That’s why it’s important to keep on top of your skin health.


And finally…

On the topic of acne scarring, you may want to know what your options are for treating acne scarring. Laser treatment is an ideal solution, or there might be surgical options you can look into. We’ll discuss all relevant treatments, and any risks and benefits, during your consultation.


Begin your acne treatment with our Harley Street skin experts

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