What Is The Best Acne Treatment?


When it comes to spotty skin, we all want the best treatment possible. Acne and spots can lead to scarring or infection, not to mention a huge knock to your self-confidence. And while many associate spots with teenagers and fluctuating hormones, they can occur in your adult life, too. In this post, our dermatologists discuss the various acne treatment options available, including ones here at our skin clinic near Elstree.


Can acne be treated?


Yes, often very successfully. Although acne is an incredibly common skin condition, our dermatologists don’t believe you should have to just live with it – after all, we want to be happy, comfortable and confident in our own skins.


What options are there?


Acne treatments can be categorised by topical treatments (products applied to the skin), oral antibiotics, oral contraceptives and isotretinoin capsules (medication).


Topical treatments – this acne treatment is usually applied to the whole of the affected area, usually once or twice a week, built up to as much as twice a day. Treatment can sometimes make the acne worsen to begin with.


Oral antibiotics – these are usually taken for 3-6 months. Some can make your skin more sun-sensitive, so your dermatologist will discuss this with you if it’s a factor.


Oral contraceptives – some types of contraceptive can help reduce the oiliness of the skin, which is a factor in acne. However, being a contraceptive, they will prevent pregnancy and may not be suitable.


Isotretinoin capsules – powerful and effective, this acne treatment can dramatically improve the appearance of acne. However, the skin may become dry, so it’s important to compensate for this (and our dermatologists will certainly advise you). The capsules are prescribed in courses, typically between 4-6 months.


What else can I try?


Laser treatment and chemical peels can be effective acne treatments in the case of severe scarring. Your dermatologist can talk to you about these in more detail.


What is the best acne treatment?


It really depends on the individual, and on your unique skin. Mild cases may benefit from topical creams, while severe cases may need something stronger, like isotretinoin capsules. Acne treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; that’s why our dermatologists always arrange a consultation for any patient, ensuring you choose the best option for you.


How do I book with Cedars Dermatology?


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