What Is Skin Cancer Screening?

A skin cancer screening is the steps taken to professionally assess your moles and skin for any signs of developing danger. Skin cancer screening on Harley Street is a way of keeping an eye on any mole development or changes in your moles’ colour, symmetry, size, and other key measurable variables. We offer the following appointments to help you get to know your skin a little better.

Mole mapping

Mole mapping is a form of skin cancer screening that people with many moles may find beneficial. Your appointment will involve a review by a dermatologist followed by detailed body photography to capture close-up pictures of your moles that are in particularly vulnerable or hard-to-check areas. This can aid the detection of changes in your moles over time, as we recommend repeat appointments to monitor and track any potential changes. Not only will your dermatologist on Harley Street be able to detect changes and concerns, they will also advise you on how to properly check your moles at home and what you need to keep a lookout for.

Confocal microscopy

This form of skin cancer screening in Harley Street is the latest technology in skin cancer diagnosis to be validated. We use a laser-assisted microscope to evaluate moles at a deeper level than is possible with the naked eye dermoscopy. It has been shown to be beneficial when diagnosing moles that have previously been difficult or problematic to correctly diagnose. This tool is currently primarily a research tool, but we can offer this to private patients.

Mohs micrographic surgery

Not happy with your skin cancer screening results that you do have skin cancer? Then we can offer Mohs micrographic surgery. Mohs surgery is only reserved for the face, hands, feet, and genitals, where the preservation of tissue is critical for functional or cosmetic treatments. It has been recognised as the skin cancer treatment with the highest reported cure rate. Mohs surgery also manages to conserve as much of the unaffected surrounding skin as possible. It allows for the immediate inspection and removal of cancerous tissue. Meaning all of its extensions of cancerous tissue may also be eliminated and removed.

Perform your own skin cancer screening at home

If you believe you may be particularly at risk of skin cancer, we recommend supplementing your appointments with us with your own home skin cancer screening. You can do this by following these brief steps:

– Stand in front of a mirror. Begin with your face, ears, head, and neck and inspect them from all possible angles and directions.

– Move down your body, examining your skin on the torso and shoulders.

– Hold your arm in the air and examine from the upper arm to the underarms, forearms, elbows and hands.

– Using a handheld mirror, examine your back, buttocks, and the backs of your legs.

– In a seated position, finish checking your lower legs. Elevate one foot at a time and inspect the skin on the under- and upper-side.

– Use a hand mirror to then check your genitals.

Skin cancer screening on Harley Street

If you would like to find out more about skin cancer screening on Harley Street, contact Cedars Dermatology today. Enquire online to arrange your initial appointment.