Treatments For Dry Skin in 2023


Do you suffer from dry skin? You’re not alone. The British Skin Foundation says around 60% of people in the UK have a skin condition, and without treatment, it may get worse over time. As an experienced skin clinic in Harley Street, our dermatologists can help improve the appearance, texture and even health of your skin, depending on your concern. So if dry skin is getting you down, here’s what could help in 2023.


Causes of dry skin


First, let’s explore why dry skin occurs and what can be done to avoid it happening in the first place. In winter, we can be more prone to dryness, cracks and sore patches of skin because we’re out in the cold and then coming into warm buildings, and we have even hotter baths and showers than usual to compensate for the cooler weather. If your skin doesn’t seem to be triggered by the weather, it might be a change in soap that’s to blame – so it’s worth ruling out.


Treatments for dry skin


As expert dermatologists in Harley Street, we can help target signs of dryness with top treatments for dry skin. These include:

– Skincare recommendations: this is where we can build a skincare routine together and see what works for you. By introducing products slowly, we can quickly work out which ones work best.
– Psoriasis treatment: If your dryness is a symptom of a skin concern like psoriasis, we’ll look to treat that first. This could include topical cream, UV light therapy or a combination of UV and medication, called PUVA therapy.


…And a few home remedies


Sometimes, cupboard items could actually help your skin – though we’d always recommend speaking to a dermatologist first. Here are a few you could consider:

• Coconut oil: this can be used even around the eyes, nose and mouth and can be used every day.
• Petroleum jelly: often called by the brand name Vaseline, this mineral oil forms a protective barrier that keeps moisture inside the skin.
• Fruits and vegetables: from carrots to blueberries, you might have some hidden heroes in your fridge that are packed with antioxidants, which help repair damaged skin cells.
• Humidifiers: this handy bit of tech prevents the air in your home from getting too dry – your skin will thank you.


Contact our Harley Street skin experts for a skin assessment


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