Top Benefits To Mole Mapping

If you’re looking into mole mapping, you’ve come to the right place – our skin clinic dermatologists are experienced, knowledgeable and more than happy to help. There are so many benefits to having your moles checked out, but we recognise that some of our clients can be anxious both about what this might entail and about what your results might be. In this post, we aim to settle any concerns you might have about mole mapping and shine a light on the service.

Mole mapping can help document changes

Whether you’ve got a history of sun-seeking or you’ve had a variety of moles from birth, with mole mapping, not only can our dermatologists check them initially, but by taking photographs, we can refer back to these in the future to see if any changes have occurred.


Mole mapping can help identify abnormalities

If during your initial mole checking session, our dermatologists notice any moles or lesions that look suspicious, we can take quickly take action to help determine whether you will need mole removal. So, while it’s a useful tool to track changes over time, it can also be a way to detect a problem from the first session.


Mole mapping can give you peace of mind

Whether you’re a first-time patient looking to check over your moles, or you’re worried about a mole that might have changed, it’s worth booking in with our dermatologists for a mole mapping consultation to help assuage any concerns you might have. We’ve made a name for ourselves as being a top skin clinic for a range of skin concerns, and mole mapping is just one service we offer.


Looking after you and your skin

At Cedars Dermatology, we can help identify and treat a range of skin concerns. Our skin clinics in locations such as Harley Street, Northwood and Cadogan are known for being professional yet friendly, helping put you at ease, whatever your treatment.

Mole mapping is carried out by a skilled, trained dermatologist, who will take close-ups of any moles that may need further review. They can also create a kind of timeline with your photos, which can help track changes to your skin over time, and could even help with early diagnosis of skin cancer.

If you’ve got lots of moles, a history of skin cancer or simply want to learn more, visit our contact page to get in touch.

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