Top 5 tips for treating eczema

Eventually, I was able to wean myself off of the prescription meds and combat my eczema through changes in my lifestyle. In order to boost the findings from my own experience, I spoke to Dr. Nisith Sheth at Cedars Dermatology Clinic to get some expert insight into treating eczema. He explained that, although eczema is most common in young children, it is possible to experience eczema for the first time at any age, even well into adulthood. In terms of the causes, the majority of cases of eczema are allergy or trigger-based. According to Dr. Sheth,

“Air pollutants, airborne allergens, climate and, in some people, sunlight can all contribute to eczema.”

He also shared that in addition to mitigating triggers, maintaining the barrier function of the skin with the correct creams is also key.

In case you find yourself in a similarly itchy situation, I’ve listed the top 5 tips for preventing and treating eczema that worked for me (now eczema free!):

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