Tips To Treating Acne


With acne being so prevalent amongst the population, it’s likely you’ll have had outbreaks in the past – or are living with the condition today. Whatever the case, it can be handy to know a few tips, tricks and techniques for keeping your skin comfortable and treating this common skin concern – as well as a few treatment recommendations to keep spots at bay. In this post, our acne dermatologists, hailing from London’s prestigious Harley Street, can help do just that – so you have peace of mind over your condition.


Recognising acne


Acne can be confused with other skin concerns because there are a variety of symptoms. Skin can appear red and inflamed – similar to those with rosacea – and smaller spots could appear similar to milia, tiny bumps on the skin. Acne spots range from hard lumps and cysts to blackheads and whiteheads, and of course those tell-tale red bumps (which may also have a white tip). You might also have acne on other areas of the body, not just the face – such as your back or chest.


Acne treatment at home


There are thankfully lots of acne treatments available. Here a few things you can try from the comfort of your own home to clear up acne outbreaks:

– The main thing to try is changing your skincare products. While you should generally avoid oil-based skincare, it’s a good idea to incorporate a moisturiser into your regime, as drying out your skin too much could cause it to produce more oil in response.

– Cleanse your skin morning and night, but don’t overdo it! Warm water is better than hot, and take care not to be too rigorous on the skin. Finally, wash after an intensive exercise session, as the sweat could further clog your pores.


– Changing your diet could have an effect, but experts don’t always see eye-to-eye on this. If you think certain foods could be triggering outbreaks, keep a food diary to take note of what you’re eating and when.


– Ensure you have a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, which can help with skin health.


Acne treatment with Cedars Dermatology


Our acne dermatologists are here to help you with your acne and can offer various treatments at our skin clinic here in Harley Street.  These include:

Creams and gels: these are applied to the skin. Some are activated by light, and can reduce oil production.
Tablets: we offer antibiotics to combat bacteria and target inflammation, contraceptives to regulate hormones and isotretinoin capsules which are used in severe cases.
Facial peels: these can reduce breakouts by an incredible 50%.

Talk to our expert Harley Street acne dermatologists today and see how we could help you!

Our consultant dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto’s top tips for treating acne.


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