The Truth About Acne And Acne Treatment In London

Acne is wrongly associated with our teenage years, because it can remain prevalent far into our adult years. Even those who never experienced acne or spots as a teenager can find that adult acne develops later into their mid-20s and beyond. We understand that it is an embarrassing treatment for all who experience it, regardless of age, which is why we’ve put together a guide to acne treatment in London.

Acne misconceptions

There are a number of assumptions and misconceptions orbiting the taboo that is adult acne, and we’d like to fact check some of them. The first is that acne is a result of not washing your face enough or having ‘dirty skin’. For medically diagnosed acne or problematic skin, this is not the case. Acne sufferers are often those who have tried every exfoliator and face wash available on the high-street shelves and are taking active steps in lessening their acne breakouts. This misconception stems from those who do not suffer with acne but may one night sleep in makeup and wake up with newly-formed blemishes. Acne occurs because of the skin’s processes and what is going on beneath the surface, such as irregular oil production or inflammation or hormonal changes, not what is sat on top of the skin.


Another is that acne is assumed to be contagious. Because acne can physically manifest as spots, cysts, and sores, some people assume that touching these areas of the skin will ‘infect’ them with acne. This is unfair on acne sufferers, because acne is not contagious and cannot be passed on in any way other than potentially by genetics and hereditary factors.


Acne treatment in London

Because acne treatment often requires a more professional, medical, and intensive approach, relief is not often found on the shelves of high-street retailers. Where mass-marketed cleansers might solve the skin issues of some facing superficial blemishes, acne sufferers may need something more specialised.


Chemical peels are a popular treatment for those suffering with acne. They use a chemical solution that is applied to the face that damages the surface layer of skin cells. This acne treatment encourages the body to slough away these damaged skin cells and draw out any impurities beneath the surface of the skin. It also strips the skin of its oils, forcing it into a more regular oil production. A course of treatments are recommended to enact true change and remodel the skin.


Topical serums such as retinoids and tretinoin are a form of professional skincare that have proven very effective when treating adult acne. When spread on the skin, retinoids and tretinoin unclog pores and prevent hair follicles from filling with skin debris. They also reduce acne outbreaks by preventing dead skin cells from building up in the pores again. This means they could also help prevent the formation of acne scarring. These products come in varying strengths, so if you find your skin is becoming irritated with their application then start off with applying it 2-3 times a week before building up to daily use. Some find it more comfortable to dilute a pea-sized amount of the cream or serum with an equal part of moisturiser before applying.


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