Take care of your skin on winter sports holidays with comments from Dr Anjali Mahto

With Christmas and the New Year festivities well and truly behind us, some people will be turning their attention to a winter skiing holiday.

And while our winter in the UK has been rather on the soggy side, skiing lovers can expect bright and sunny climes in parts of Europe and beyond.

Both seasoned skiers and newcomers to the slopes are being warned to make sure they pack sunscreen as a vital part of their accessories on the slopes. Skin can burn easily when people are on snowy ski slopes – leaving soreness and embarrassing marks where a person has been wearing goggles.

The British Skin Foundation says the amount of Ultra Violet (UV) rays that reach the earth’s surface increases by up to five per cent for every 1,000 feet above sea level a person is, plus both ice and water are very good reflectors of UV radiation.

This means that areas typically exposed to the elements such as the hands, face and head are the key areas to target for sunscreen. Liberally apply sunscreen, which is at least SPF30 or higher and one with a high level of UVA protection, says the foundation.

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