Spotlight On Skin Cancer Screening


This month, our expert dermatologists here in London (Northwood, Elstree and Harley Street) are shining the spotlight on skin cancer. In this post, we’ll talk in more detail about skin cancer, and highlight our skin cancer screening service.

A few facts & figures


Before we begin, it can help to know a little more about skin cancer. All types of cancer start when certain cells divide without stopping, and ultimately spread into other tissues. In the case of skin cancer, UV exposure from sunlight or tanning beds is the trigger. The below key facts and figures help put the disease in perspective – while some numbers may be daunting, others provide some hope.

– According to the British Skin Foundation, skin cancer is the most common

– It’s also on the rise, with cases increasing 2-4% each year.

–  Cancer Research shares that in two of the main types of skin cancer, Basal Cell and Squamous Cell, cases are generally cured. However, a third type of skin cancer, Melanoma, is considered more serious, and spreads more easily, though Melanoma only accounts for around 4% of skin cancer cases (2015-17).


Diagnosing skin cancer


Dermatologists stress the importance of an early diagnosis; though some skin cancers spread more easily than others, there’s always a chance this can happen. While in some cases, skin cancer can be diagnosed by sight, other cases may require a biopsy (where a small part of skin is removed and examined under a microscope).

The importance of skin cancer screening


Skin cancer screening, or skin scanning, is extremely important, especially if:

– You have fair skin
– You use sunbeds
– You spend a lot of time outdoors (for example, through work)
– You have had previous sunburn
– You don’t always use sun protection
– You have a history of skin cancer


It’s a simple visual check that looks over moles and birthmarks, as well as any other marks that may have an unusual shape, size, colour or texture. It’s pain-free, and if a biopsy is needed, then an anaesthetic is offered to prevent discomfort.

Booking your skin cancer screening with Cedars Dermatology


In the case of any kind of cancer, an early diagnosis is essential for a good outlook. Get in touch with our expert dermatologists at our London skin clinics in Northwood, Elstree and Harley Street today and discover how our skin cancer screening service can help.