Q&A On Spotty Skin


Some of our clients approached us for specialist acne treatments here at our Harley Street skin clinic, we thought it was the ideal time to share some fast facts on spotty skin, including causes, symptoms and, of course, how we can help through our transformative acne treatments.


Question: What causes spots?


It’s something our Dermatologists are asked time and time again, with many people worrying that their lifestyle is to blame, or that the issue must be to do with personal hygiene. In actual fact, the main reason behind spots forming is fluctuating hormone levels – that’s why it’s a problem many teens suffer with.

Of course, there are lots of factors that can affect your hormones, for instance pregnancy or even diet. But it’s important to remember you’re not to blame for your acne, and it’s much more positive to focus on acne treatment, than what’s causing it.


Question: Where can you develop acne?


Acne can develop on pretty much any area of the body, but it’s mostly seen on the face. According to the NHS, around half of sufferers develop it on the back, and around 15% on the chest. Wherever you see spots, our Dermatologists can offer acne treatments that are powerful, effective and transformative, so you can feel more like you again.


Question: How do I know if I have acne?


Most people might consider acne to be just a really bad case of spots, The reality is that many spots are a kind of acne – that is to say, they’re all caused by excess oil production trapping bacteria and dirt in your pores. From common blackheads and whiteheads that others probably don’t even notice, to severe pus-filled cysts, spots of any sort can make you feel embarrassed and ashamed. That’s why we love to help with our acne treatment. You can find a detailed guide to each on our acne treatment webpage.


Question: What skin tips does our skin clinic have for spots?


There’s lots you can do at home to manage your spots, as well as seeking our specialist acne treatment from a Dermatologist such as ourselves:

– Cleanse affected areas gently, with warm water and a mild soap, and try to avoid over-washing, which can make spots worse.
– Wash after exercise, as sweat can irritate the skin.
– If you wear make-up, avoid oil-based products and always remove it overnight.
– Talk to your Dermatologist. Medication and skincare may help.


Question: Which acne treatment does our skin clinic recommend?


A consultation at our Harley Street skin clinic can help us assess your skin needs and recommend appropriate acne treatments. From special creams, to tablets, to procedures such as chemical peels, we’re bound to find something that works for your unique skin. Book in with us today for Dermatologist-led care – it makes all the difference!