Prepping For Laser Skin Treatments

Whatever laser skin treatment you’re interested in, there are a few golden rules to follow when preparing for your appointment at our Harley Street skin clinic. Though laser skin treatment isn’t particularly invasive, and most people don’t experience any pain during the process, you can ensure the procedure goes as smoothly as possible and minimise your risk of skin irritation by from following these simple rules.


1. Smooth and silky skin


The first step for prep is to shave your legs. Avoid waxing, tweezing or using epilators, as you want the hairs to still be present, but just at a much shorter length to allow for easier targeting of the laser. Remember, hair grows in a cycle, so you’ll need repeat laser skin treatments to ensure all the hair follicles have been broken down by the laser. 


2. Press pause on treatments


It’s recommended to avoid having any aesthetics procedures – such as injectables, dermabrasion or peels – for a couple of weeks prior to your laser skin treatment. These can make the skin more sensitive and, in the case of injectables, could affect your results. If you’re unsure whether a previous, recent treatment may affect your laser skin treatment, our Dermatologists will be able to offer you advice.


3. Stay safe in the sun


It’s always important to look after your skin in the sun, but especially before your treatment. This includes avoiding sun beds and using sun protection where you can, as well as avoiding the sun at its hottest. Many make-up brands incorporate SPF protection into their products nowadays, so you can feel confident wearing foundation that’s also got sun benefits, for example.


4. Get squeaky clean


Skin should be clean and dry on the day of your laser skin treatment, without any products that may moisturise or fragrance the skin. Again, our Harley Street dermatologists can talk you through the specifics, but on the whole, oils, lotions and creams aren’t recommended.


5. Check your medicines


It’s possible that medications may affect your eligibility for laser skin treatment, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Dermatologists if you start taking a new medicine in between your consultation and your appointment.


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