Our Skin Clinic Guide To Treating Acne

There are so many negative and incorrect assumptions about acne, which are often more embarrassing than the actual skin condition itself. Acne is falsely associated with teenage hormones, so when it follows many adults into their 20s and 30s it may come as a surprised and are open to feeling ashamed and at an all-time low. There is no such thing as adult acne because acne can happen at any time in your life. Here at Cedars Dermatology on Harley Street, we wanted to kick some myths to the curb, give you a true understanding of acne and explain the options available at Cedars Dermatology for treating acne.

Common myths about acne

One of the most common and frustrating myths about acne is that the skin is dirty or unwashed. Because there are spots, oils, and blemishes present, non-sufferers assume that those with acne just need to wash their face more or try a different cleanser. For medically diagnosed acne, hormonal acne as a result of ageing, or problematic skin, this is not the case.

Acne sufferers are often those who have tried every cleanser or exfoliator on the shelf, because they are aware of their skin’s blemishes. Acne prone skin doesn’t break out because of what is on its surface, but rather it occurs because of what is going beneath the surface. Irregular oil production is something that happens beneath the skin and is triggered by the body, not the surface of the skin.

Skin clinic acne treatments on Harley Street

Because acne is a complex skin condition and the severity of and triggers can be unique to an individual, every approach must be taken accordingly. Products which are available on the high street shelves are often not every effective due to their lack of potency and generalised approach, which is why we as a skin clinic recommend professional treatments and brands suited to you only.

Skin clinic chemical peels are highly recommended for problematic skin complaints such as acne because they help to rebalance oil production. They work enacting a slight chemical wounding to the surface layer of your skin, drying out the damaged skin cells on top of encouraging the skin to peel. This helps out to draw out spots and blemishes as well as prompting fresh skin cell production. After a course of chemical peels, your oil production and skin can be successfully remodelled and brought under more manageable control.

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Our consultant dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto on what is the best treatment for acne.