Laser Skin Treatment: Truth Or Myth?


Whether you’re seeking treatment for a cosmetic reason (like smooth, hair-free skin) or you’re at a loose end for something more medical (like calming a rosacea flare-up), our Dermatologist-led laser skin clinic could help.

Many of our clients come to us ready-armed with questions about laser treatment – and a few misconceptions, too. In this post, our Dermatologists separate fact from fiction with our ‘truth or myth’ breakdown of this popular treatment.


Myth: laser skin treatment is painful

We offer laser treatment to our clients on a daily basis and most only report a tingling or stinging sensation during treatment. Afterwards, redness and sensitivity can occur, but this can usually be eased with a cold compress or cooling lotion.


Myth: laser skin treatment totally removes hairs

When having laser treatment for hair removal, there’s a chance some hairs may be missed – it depends on what stage the hair is at during its growth cycle. That’s why a course of sessions is recommended for this type of laser treatment.


Truth: laser skin treatment can be money-saving

If you were to add up the cost of waxing sessions in just a year, you may well come to a similar figure to that of a session or two of laser hair removal. Ultimately, you may not need to go back to the beauty salon for any more waxing!

For laser treatment that targets skin concerns such as rosacea, it could also save you money on expensive creams or other skin treatments.


Truth: laser skin treatment saves time

Shaving, waxing and plucking hairs at home is time-consuming, fiddly and unnecessarily painful. It’s a no-brainer: laser hair removal is safe, effective and lasting.


Truth: laser skin treatment can remove tattoos

While we are skin-centred Dermatologists, we also understand the need for cosmetic treatments, including tattoo removal. Whether it’s a design you’ve changed your mind over, time has caused a tattoo to change shape or colour, or you simply prefer a more natural appearance, we can help.


Myth: you can’t treat birthmarks with lasers

You most certainly can. Both IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and Pulsed Dye Laser skin treatments are effective in these cases, as they are for treating freckles, thread veins and red scarring.


Truth: Cedars Dermatology can help

With locations in Northwood, Harley Street and Elstree amongst others, our dedicated, professional Dermatologists can help you and your skin. To find out what we can treat and which treatments might be best for you, please get in touch with our laser skin clinic today.