Is It Worth Seeing A Dermatologist For Acne


If you’ve been suffering the effects of acne – greasy skin, spots, scarring, redness and sensitivity – it might be time to book in with our Harley Street dermatologists. At Cedars, we help patients from all across the capital treat and elevate their skin, helping them feel happy and confident once again. Today, we’ll talk more about it and how our experts can help.


Acne explained by our dermatologist

First, it’s important one of our expert dermatologists determine whether your skin condition really is acne. That’s because some of the symptoms of acne can be similar to other concerns.


Types of spots caused by acne include:

– Blackheads: yellow/black bumps found in the inner lining of the hair follicles

– Whiteheads: akin to blackheads, but firm and can’t be squeezed

– Papules: tender or sore red bumps that are small in size

– Pustules: as above, but full of pus and presenting with a white tip in the center

– Nodules: sub-surface lumps that are hard and painful

– Cysts: lumps filled with pus that are similar to boils


Causes of acne

One of the leading causes is hormones, which is why the condition can be common during puberty, menstruating, menopause and pregnancy, among other times of life. They can trigger excess oil production in the skin, aggravate skin bacteria, and can block the pores. Acne can also be passed down the family, so if your parents had acne, it’s likely you could get it too, diet and lifestyle are thought to be linked to the skin condition.


Who’s affected by acne?

Anyone can develop acne, and it’s a highly common skin condition. The NHS estimates that around 95% of people under 30 have acne to some extent. Acne can continue well into adulthood, or even develop later in life.


Understanding triggers

Acne develops when pores in the skin become clogged with dead skin cells and oil, resulting in whiteheads and a blackhead and commonly triggered by things such as skin products, medications and smoking. Knowing what might be affecting your acne can help you avoid these triggers and prevent flare-ups in the future.


Things to try at home

Our dermatologists recommend washing no more than twice a day, as over-cleansing the skin can irritate and aggravate it further. You’re best to use something mild with warm water only and stay away from oil-based products that can clog pores further, such as make-up. Finally, don’t be tempted to pick, scratch, or squeeze your spots, as this can lead to scarring.


Get professional advice from our Harley Street skin experts today!

Book in with one of our dermatologists for a consultation and draw up a treatment plan that’s bespoke to you and your skin needs. We can try different skin creams and lotions; prescribe medicines; and make recommendations to your lifestyle that could benefit your skin. To see how our Harley Street team can help, get in touch today.