IPL Facial Thread in London

IPL facial thread vein treatment uses a non-laser high intensity source of light to treat thread veins and spider veins as well as a variety of other skin problems. Thread veins or spider veins can appear on the face and body, and while they are completely harmless, they can cause patients anxiety due to their appearance. Here at Cedars Dermatology on Harley Street, we provide IPL facial thread vein treatment in London.

How does IPL facial thread vein treatment work? 

IPL is a non-invasive ‘flash map’ laser skin treatment therapy which has been recognised since the early 90’s. It uses pulses of visible red light which targets coloured cells in the skin causing them to heat up and get destroyed. The colour targeted can be varied by filtering the light depending on which condition is being treated. When the veins absorb the heat energy, the walls of the veins collapse and shut off the minute blood flow passing them. Fear not, this doesn’t harm or burn your skin or healthy veins. These shut off veins are then reabsorbed by the body and fade in appearance over the coming several weeks.

What does IPL facial thread vein treatment entail? 

Because IPL facial thread vein treatment uses many different wavelengths of light energy, it is most effectively used on veins that are visible at the surface of the skin. This makes it particularly effective for thread veins on the face. During the procedure we will ask you to wear protective eye wear so as to shield you from the light energy. You may feel hot snaps or a pinching sensation similar to an elastic band being ‘pinged’ against your skin. This sensation isn’t typically described as painful, but you may find it a little uncomfortable depending on the placement of your thread veins. It’s likely you’ll need repeat treatments for the best outcome, and we’ll arrange these at the appropriate intervals with you.

Is this a permanent solution to thread veins? 

The thread veins or spider veins that are treated should not return, but this treatment doesn’t prevent the development of new facial thread veins. If you wish to treat any reappearing thread veins you will need to repeat treatments.

Recovering from IPL facial thread vein treatments 

Some precautions to take will help your recovery time such as using an SPF before and after treatment. The skin might also be sensitive after treatment, so protecting it is always helpful. It’s important to not let the treatment area become too wet when washing and always remain gentle with the treatment area and try not to pick or tug at it.

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