How To Manage Rosacea

At Cedars Dermatology, a skin clinic based in Harley Street, London, we put you and your skin first. Our range of treatments can help improve many different skin conditions, and rosacea is no different. In this post, we’ll shine the spotlight on rosacea treatment and the condition itself.

About rosacea

First of all, a bit about rosacea itself. Characterised as a red, bumpy rash, sometimes with inflammation, rosacea usually presents on the face, and can make skin feel as if it’s burning or stinging. A chronic (long-term) condition, rosacea also typically affects those in middle age and those with fair skin. Although its exact cause is unknown, it’s thought that certain foods and drinks, changes in temperature, and stress can make the condition worse, as well as exposure to sunlight and strenuous exercise. Thankfully, our rosacea treatment can help.

Rosacea treatment

At Cedars Dermatology, our Dermatologists aim to help control the inflammation caused by rosacea, with several options available. We may also recommend a combination of rosacea treatments to give you the best results.

Topical applications

These are special formulas that are applied directly to the skin and are recommended for those with mild to moderate rosacea. You could begin to see results in as little as 8 weeks, though it can take longer. New formulas are frequently being developed, which makes this an exciting and innovative area to look into.


We can prescribe effective antibiotics for moderate to severe cases, and you may be advised to use a topical application in conjunction with this.

Laser treatment

This can help target the redness and dilated blood vessels that give rosacea its signature flush.

Beta-blocker tablets

These can also help with blushing.

Severe cases

We recognise that some cases of rosacea are extremely severe and distressing, and can impact on your daily life. That’s why we also offer rosacea treatment for these more acute cases. These treatments may include:

Referral to an eye specialist

In cases of ocular rosacea, where the condition affects the eyes, you may need to see an eye specialist to help control inflammation and irritation and soothe dry and bloodshot eyes.

Isotretinoin tablets

These can help treat spots.

Book your treatment

At Cedars Dermatology, skin is at our heart. By booking in with us, you can be assured that you’ll receive professional and skilled treatment – whatever your skin concern. If you’re interested in rosacea treatment, contact us today and we’ll book you in for a consultation at our skin clinic with our experienced Dermatologists here on Harley Street.