How to Manage Acne


Many clients come to us looking for acne treatment – and with specialist dermatologists on hand to guide you in all things skincare, we can certainly help. As well as looking unsightly, acne can be sore, itchy and lead to scarring. So, getting a handle on it, especially in the early days, can help.

In this post, our dermatologists offer their top tips for helping manage this condition, from acne treatments to try to expert advice to follow.

1) Look into skin resurfacing acne treatment


Although they may sound intensive, skin resurfacing treatments are actually minimally-invasive, which means low pain and little downtime. They’re almost like a reset button for your skin, so you can start afresh. Here at Cedars Dermatology skin clinic – in locations in or close to Northwood, Elstree and Harley Street – you can enjoy a range of skin resurfacing chemical peels, acne treatments that penetrate below the top layer of skin and gently peel back the upper layer to bring the younger skin to the surface.

2) Try a topical acne treatment


‘Topical’ simply means anything that you put directly onto your skin’s surface – and could be a gel, foam, cream, lotion or other substance. When it comes to acne treatments, topical treatments are absorbed directly into the affected area, getting to the core of the problem.

3) Research pills


There are lots of different types of pills that can be used as an acne treatment – or could actually be causing your acne. Oral contraceptives affect hormone levels and have been linked to acne, while isotretinoin capsules are recommended only in the most severe cases. Day-to-day antibiotics might be of benefit, although with any of these acne treatments, you will need a full consultation to determine what’s right for you.

4) Alternative therapies


There may be benefits to laser therapy, such as controlling the redness that often appears where acne is prevalent. In addition, photodynamic therapy, which uses a cream and light-sensitive drug in combination, can cut down on oil production – so alternative therapies can offer some relief when it comes to acne treatments.

5) Invest in quality skincare


Sometimes, acne and outbreaks can be caused by your skincare regime. For example, if you’re prone to oily skin, an oil-based product isn’t recommended. Our dermatologists can review your skincare and offer you appropriate products that can keep your skin looking and feeling happy.

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