How Laser Skin Treatments Work

Fed up with feeling frustrated every time you look in the mirror, because all you can focus on is one particular skin blemish? Laser skin treatment may help you. It involves an intense burst of red or blue light delivered painlessly into the skin. The wavelength of the IPL light used will depend on the skin issue it is resolving. This treatment is minimally invasive and very effective. Let’s take a look at the sort of skin conditions it can cure, as well as why it works so well.

How to Treat Vascular Lesions

Thread veins are vascular lesions. They appear as spidery red veins, which are prominent in the skin surface and upset an otherwise even skin tone. Laser skin treatment works effectively at removing them as these collapsed veins absorb the colour from the laser, heating them up, causing them to seal. Blood can no longer flow through them and the remains of the veins are swept away by the body’s immune system.

Thread veins are commonly associated with rosacea. The more advanced your rosacea, the more thread veins you’re likely to have. Laser skin treatments can remove each of them restoring an even skin tone. Given that thread veins are commonly associated with age, this provides a more youthful appearance too.

Laser Skin Treatment for Pigmented Lesions

Pigmented lesions are blemishes that involve pigmented or coloured skin cells. Melasma is a common pigmentation disorder. Brown patches of skin that are the result of birthmarks, sun damage or hyperpigmentation issues can also be treated. Using laser therapy removing the excess melanin that is causing the discolouration in skin. Following treatment your skin tone and texture will be more even.

Laser Hair Removal

The reason why laser hair removal is so popular is because it’s permanent. The laser device will heat your hair follicles to such a degree that they will be irreparably damaged. Hair can no longer grow out of them, meaning far less surface hair for you. After a number of sessions you can reduce your hair regrowth by up to 80%. This makes the remainder of your unwanted hair far more manageable. It’s a lot easier to keep the remaining hair away through shaving and plucking.

Laser treatment is safe because here at Cedars Dermatology, the devices are controlled, and the treatment administered, by experienced laser operators and skin practitioners. Cooling tips will ensure that surrounding skin areas, which are not being targeted, remain untouched.

If you’re interested in finding out more about laser skin treatments for hair removal, vascular lesions, or pigmentation issues, please get in touch with our reception team to book your initial consultation. Because we treat clients on an individual basis, we will be able to answer any questions you have about your personal skin complaints when we meet you, as well as assess you to determine your suitability for laser treatment. Should an alternative course of therapy be more relevant to your skin problem, we will be able to offer guidance.

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