How Effective Is Laser Treatment For Skin Cancer?

If you’ve got skin cancer and are seeking treatment, it can help to know – and explore – your options. Today, our team of experts based in Harley Street will share all there is to know about our laser treatment for skin cancer.


What is laser treatment?


As it sounds, it involves using a thin, concentrated light beam to target specific areas of tissue. Incredibly accurate, the treatment can be used in place of other techniques such as scalpels. It can also be used alongside light-sensitive drugs (photodynamic therapy for enhanced results, or treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


Is laser treatment safe?


The treatment is targeted on the affected cells and tissue. It gently heats the area, which then destroys or shrinks abnormal or cancerous cells.


Am I suitable for laser treatment?

We insist on consultations for all our patients to ensure we’re offering the right treatment for you. We also find a consultation can help settle any nerves, worries and preconceptions about possible treatments in advance. Most people are suited to treatment, however it may depend on how advanced the cancer is and where it is located on the body.


Is skin cancer treatment painful?


Most patients don’t find it painful, however they can feel the sensation of the laser as it gets to work. If you’re especially sensitive, you may be able to have a local anaesthetic or numbing cream administered to the area beforehand.

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What about side-effects?


Your skin may feel sore or tender after treatment – some patients report side-effects that are similar to sunburn. However, your skin will quickly recover. Serious side-effects are extremely rare and the treatment is considered safe for this application.


Will I need repeat treatments?


You may need a course of treatments or repeat treatments, which we can discuss with you during your consultation. Cancer can also return to areas of the body, regardless of what treatment method you use.


What else do I need to know about laser treatment?


Undergoing laser treatment with our team in Harley Street is a process we handle with the utmost sensitivity. We know it can feel scary to seek treatment, and that cancer itself may cause worries or concerns. We will do all we can to help you feel comfortable and confident in every aspect of your care.


How do I book a consultation for laser treatment?


Simply visit our contact page and follow the steps. We hope to hear from you soon, and help you on your skin journey.