Anjali Mahto comments in Daily Mail on the British Skin Foundation Survey on acne

New research has revealed the impact the common skin condition has on self-esteem and confidence.

More than half of sufferers (56 per cent) have been the victim of verbal abuse from friends and family, while one in five blame the condition for the breakdown of a relationship.

The survey, commissioned by the British Skin Foundation, also reveals 10 per cent of people living with the condition believe they were unfairly dismissed from their job because of their acne.

Consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokeswoman, Dr Anjali Mahto said: ‘I’m not surprised to hear that acne can have such a profound effect on every aspect of someone’s life.

‘What is really sad about it, is that acne, for the majority of people is a treatable skin disorder, and having suffered with it myself, I really do feel that no one should just have to live with it.

‘A good dermatologist can offer a large number of potential treatments that can be tailored to the individual.

‘Unfortunately, the skin is such a visible organ, that it’s only natural that self-esteem is so closely tied to it.

‘People do underestimate acne and the impact it has on those suffering with it.

‘I think these results highlight that acne should be taken far more seriously.

‘It is important to seek help and advice early before scarring (be that mental or physical) develops and request referral to a dermatologist if treatments aren’t working.

‘We also need to investigate the psychological burden of this further.’

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