All About Rosacea: What It Is & How To Treat It


As a dermatologist-led skin clinic in locations such as Northwood and Elstree, we’re knowledgeable of – and experienced in – a variety of skin concerns. We know how having good skin can make you feel good, too – so we use our skills and expertise to target problem skin and help it look and feel its absolute best.

In this post, our dermatologists put rosacea under the microscope, detailing what it is, what causes it, and rosacea treatment you might be interested in here at our skin clinic. Read on to find out more…

What is it?


Rosacea is a type of skin condition, more common in women and those with fair skin, which usually affects the face. It typically presents as red rash across areas such as the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. It might also give you a burning or stinging sensation, especially when washing or cleaning your skin.

How do I know if I have rosacea?


You might experience the tell-tale redness, or you might have other symptoms, such as swelling, dryness in the skin, or patches and crusting on the eyelids. Because some of the symptoms of rosacea are similar to other conditions, such as acne or dermatitis, it’s worth booking a skin assessment with our dermatologists at our Northwood or Elstree skin clinics, to be sure.

What causes rosacea?


Though the cause for rosacea isn’t known, there are lots of triggers that have been identified as worsening symptoms, including diet (cheese and spicy foods), drinks (alcohol, hot drinks and those containing caffeine) and even certain types of exercise.

What rosacea treatment is there available?


There are lots of things you can try:

1) At home
– Avoid triggers
– Switch to gentle, sensitive skincare
– Take steps to manage stress
– Protect skin from the sun (SPF30 products)
– Protect sin from hot, humid and cold weather


2) At your skin clinic
Following a skin assessment, our dermatologists will be better placed to advise you on your rosacea treatment. However, some things you may consider, which should help control the inflammation, include:
– IPL treatment (lasers)
– Oral antibiotics
– Topical creams

Our dermatologists are able to prescribe medicines for you and can give you a treatment plan tailored to you and your unique skin concerns.

How do I book treatment?


For an appointment for rosacea with our Harley street clinic visit our contact page for full details. Our dermatologists hope to see you soon at one of our skin clinics in Northwood and Elstree.