A Guide To Our Laser Treatments

As a team of specialist dermatologists, we’re here to help you with your skin condition or concern. Here at Cedars Dermatology, a laser skin clinic in Elstree, London, we have the experience, equipment and enthusiasm needed to make a difference to you and your skin with laser treatments.

This post serves as a guide to the many laser skin treatments we offer, and which conditions and concerns they can help treat. It’s our firm belief that everyone should feel happy and comfortable in their skin, and with our skill and knowledge, we can help you do the same.

IPL laser therapy treatments

Intense Pulsed Light therapy uses targeted red light to break down the cells that are behind your skin problem. This could be anything from visible blood vessels, thread veins and redness, to conditions such as rosacea, to pigment-related conditions and birthmarks, such as freckles, port wine stains and Poikiloderma of Civatte.

IPL can also be used for hair removal treatments, though a series of sessions is required in order to ensure that hairs are completely removed. This laser skin treatment on Harley Street targets the hair roots to prevent further growth.

Pulsed dye laser treatments

This laser skin treatment is designed for red-coloured marks such as port wine stains and thread veins. Rosacea, red scars and keloids can also be treated. Similar to IPL, a beam of light targets the blood vessel below the skin’s surface, causing it to heat, shrivel and bruise. When the bruise heals, the redness should be significantly reduced. We recommend a course of sessions for best results.

Tattoo removal

Considered to be more of a cosmetic procedure, the appearance of an unwanted tattoo can be gradually removed or reduced over the course of sessions. We can advise you on this at the consultation stage, as not all tattoos can be successfully removed.

Booking laser treatments with us 

There are lots of benefits to choosing Cedars Dermatology for your treatment. Not only do we have a team of skilled Dermatologists waiting to treat your skin concern, but we strive to give you an enjoyable and professional experience at all times. Our laser skin clinic in Elstree is ideal for those in or near the capital, as it’s around an hour from London, but we also have other locations for convenience, including Harley Street. To book a consultation with us, visit our contact page and fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch.