5 Super Simple Ways To Show Your Skin Some Love

Taking care of your skin is easy. Simply follow the simple skincare tips below and ensure you are always looking positively radiant.

1) Check your hydration levels

We all know the golden rule of drinking around eight glasses of water a day, but it’s so easy to fall short. However, skin is made up of around 64% water, and good hydration really helps keep it healthy and glowing from within. So, invest in a reusable water bottle and drink up!

2) Get ongoing niggles checked by an expert

If stubborn acne, rashes or eczema flare-ups are getting you down, there’s no need to suffer in silence. A consultation with a dermatologist could make the world of difference, ensuring you get the right diagnosis and treatment advice.

3) Have a skin pamper evening

An at-home ‘spa night’ is a great way to show your skin some TLC. As well as being a chance to indulge in a soothing or reviving scrub or mask, pamper sessions can help lower stress levels making it doubly beneficial, as stress hormones can wreak havoc with skin complaints.

4) Have a product overhaul

If your skin’s not feeling its best, it’s worth considering whether the products you’re using might be playing a part. Anything from chemicals in washing detergents, to soaps and bubble baths can cause irritation, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin. Opt for unperfumed, gentle products, and if you’re unsure, seek some expert advice.

5) Do an air quality check

While it’s tempting to crank up central heating during winter, the stuffy air can be really troublesome for sensitive skin. Think about layering up to keep warm instead, and make sure you’re regularly opening windows to keep your home well-ventilated.

Get expert help with your skin

If you’re interested in letting a dermatologist give you professional advice to help your skin. Simply head over to our contact page and our London team will be in touch with you!

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