3 Ways To Treat 3 Common Skin Concerns

Many of our clients come to our Harley Street skin clinic looking for a way to treat their skin condition and boost their confidence. Lots of the skin concerns we can help to treat here at Cedars Dermatology are common, and many of them can be treated effectively – which is no surprise, given our Consultant Dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto is at the helm.

In this post, we’ll talk through some top skin concerns and give recommendations for ways to treat, or keep in check, each of them. As we believe a holistic approach can be beneficial when it comes to skincare, there may be things you can do from a self-care perspective to help with your treatment from the comfort of your own home.

1. Rosacea treatment

Rosacea is a red, bumpy rash that can cause unpleasant stinging and burning of the skin, as well as inflamed patches of skin on the face. Here are our top recommendations:

1 – stick to gentle, unperfumed skincare and protect your face with an SPF sunscreen

2 – talk to your doctor to review any medications that could cause flare-ups

3 – book in with your dermatologist for rosacea treatments such as topical applications and laser treatment

2. Acne treatment

Mostly affecting the face, acne causes skin to feel hot, oily and painful, and can result in spots. Here’s what we recommend:

1 – avoid wearing too much make-up and use water-based skincare

2 – try to avoid picking, squeezing and scratching at the spots, which could lead to infection

3 – book in with your dermatologist for acne treatments such such as topical creams and chemical peel.

3. Mole treatment

There are very few adults who have no moles at all, and actually most moles don’t cause problems. However, if you have more than 40 moles, it’s worth checking them, as they can become cancerous.

1 – remember A (asymmetrical), B (border), C (colour), D (diameter), E (evolution)

2 – check your mole(s) if uneven, darker, itchy, bleeding or larger-sized

3 – book in with your dermatologist for a skin examination

Visit us about your skin concerns

At Cedars Dermatology skin clinic in Harley Street, we’re experts in assessing, understanding and treating your skin concerns. Our mole treatment, rosacea treatment and acne treatment can help get your skin back on track and ease your signs and symptoms, while helping boost your confidence. For a consultation with Dr Anjali Mahto, visit our contact page and fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch.