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  • What is Cedars Dermatology?

    Cedars Dermatology is a group of people, of like-minded individuals, highly-skilled professionals working together to achieve great skin care and dermatological care for patients. The driving force behind Cedars is to provide world-class dermatological care in a convenient, accessible, and affordable way.

  • What are the long-term objectives of Cedars Dermatology?

    So, in the long term, we hope that Cedars Dermatology will become a large network of skin specialists, especially consultant dermatologists, who are able to work together, collaborate together, to provide accessible and excellent dermatological care throughout the country.

  • What different types of patients do you see?

    So I would see patients of all ages. So I can see a one-week-old baby with eczema, or I could see a 94, 95-year-old that may have skin cancer. So patients of all ages and with all skin problems.

  • Why should I consult with a dermatologist?

    So I think there's a number of things. I think if you've got a skin condition that isn't getting better after a couple of days, you've gone to your family doctor, they've given you maximal treatment, and things aren't improving, that's a really good time to then say, "Well, actually, now is the time to see a dermatologist or a skin specialist." The second reason is if you've got a skin disease that's affecting your self-esteem, it's causing problems with confidence, with you doing your daily activities, that is another reason why you should go and see a skin specialist and get things sorted out early.

  • How should patients source a dermatologist?

    I think there's a number of routes. The best way to find a dermatologist, initially, is to make sure that your dermatologist is registered on the General Medical Council website. So, that's the first thing, checking credibility. The second thing is that it can be also useful to look at online reviews and get some idea of feedback from what patients have had. So, I think that's generally how people find us.

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