5 reasons why sleep is so important for skin health

Posted by Cedars Dermatology, 15th March 2018

We all know how vital sleep is for our wellbeing in general – but did you know sleep can be a really important part of looking after your skin health too?

To mark World Sleep Day, here are five ways quality slumber helps keep skin looking and feeling its best…

1. Skin repair happens while we sleep

Heard people say they need their ‘beauty sleep’? There’s actually a lot of logic behind that term, as it’s when we’re asleep at night that much of our skin repair happens. Our body clocks trigger certain hormones into action which, put simply, enable skin cells to enter into ‘renewal mode’.

2. Your immune system relies on good sleep

Not getting decent sleep can impact on immune function too, leaving us more run-down and susceptible to things like cold and flu. This isn’t ideal for anybody – but for people living with chronic skin disorders, such as psoriasis and eczema, it can be especially important as being run-down can sometimes ‘trigger’ flare-ups.  

3. Sleep helps keep stress in check

Stress can be another big ‘trigger’ for people with skin conditions, so taking positive steps to keep it in check is important. Sleep helps balance out our stress hormones, like cortisol, helping us feel calm, refreshed and in control.   

4. And in the fight against inflammation

Those troublesome acne flare-ups and rashes are largely due to inflammatory responses happening inside your cells. Studies have found that poor sleep is associated with higher levels of inflammation throughout the body – yet another reason getting plenty of blissful slumber could be beneficial for skin health.

5. Poor sleep could contribute to skin pH imbalances

Having the right pH balance helps keep skin looking and feeling healthy, and there’s evidence to suggest that sleep plays a role. This is why you might notice your skin feels more dehydrated or sensitive when your sleep’s out of whack.

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