Why Choose Cedars Dermatology For My Acne?

Posted by Cedars Dermatology, 4th September 2020

In recent posts, we’ve focused on the very real subject of acne, and the acne treatments we can offer here at our Harley Street skin clinic. In this post, we’ll outline all the reasons why you should trust in us for your care, helping you keep your condition manageable and hopefully, boosting your confidence along the way.

You need someone who understands your condition

Many people who don’t have acne think it’s simply a case of having a few spots, and don’t realise the impact this skin condition can have on quality of life. Not only can acne make you feel self-conscious about your skin, but others can react negatively to your appearance, and having inflamed patches can be painful to deal with. Our Dermatologists are trained in all aspects of the condition and can offer you support and understanding when managing your acne.

You’re looking for a tailored acne treatment

Acne treatment isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach, and can involve some trial-and-error. It’s also possible that certain treatments can affect your skin in different ways, for example creams and medications may dry out your skin. That’s where our Dermatologists’ specialist knowledge comes in.

You want a convenient clinic

Location is everything when considering an acne treatment, which is why we work in clinics and hospitals in and around Central London, in Harley Street, Northwood and Elstree. Not only are these well-placed to serve the capital and surrounding areas, but we also have overseas affiliates who can continue your care even if you leave the UK.

You only want the best care

When having any kind of treatment, only the best will do! That’s why we offer the latest tech and follow the most up-to-date research, helping provide acne treatments for anyone of any age and skin type (subject to a skin assessment). But we’re not just limited to acne treatment, either – we also offer everything from helping solve hair and nail problems, to helping diagnosing skin cancer.

You’re looking for a specialist

Our skin specialists have consulted for the NHS and hold leadership positions on both national and international stages. Our Dermatologists are also on the General Medical Council Specialist Register for Dermatology and are members of the Royal College of Physicians. In short, you can trust our extensive skills, knowledge and experience in delivering your acne treatment.

Book with Cedars Dermatology today

Whether you’re living with acne or acne scarring, we can offer specialist acne treatments to help get your skin back on track. Book in with our Harley Street skin clinic for Dermatologist-led care today.

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