The Different Uses Of Laser Treatment

Posted by Cedars Dermatology, 30th March 2021

Laser skin treatment has a long-standing history of helping treat a variety of concerns, helping correct the appearance of the skin through resurfacing, and targeting problems ranging from pigmentation to tattoo removal. 

In this post, our dermatologists at our laser skin clinic, serving the Northwood area, will talk through some of the most common reasons for laser skin treatment, together with its benefits, side-effects and alternatives you could try. 

How could laser therapy help me?

There are lots of ways laser skin treatment could help, but its most common uses are to:

– Reduce the appearance of scarring, pigmentation, rosacea, thread veins and birthmarks
– Remove excess or unwanted hair 
– Resurface the skin for a firmer, tighter appearance
– Remove tattoos
– Target signs of ageing, such as age spots, wrinkles or sun damage

What are the benefits of laser therapy?

Benefits of laser therapy are numerous, and it’s an extremely effective treatment in lots of different scenarios. Its main benefits include:

– A clearer, more even-toned complexion
– Smoother, softer skin
– Resurfaced, toned and tightened skin
– Reduction or removal of tattoos

What about pain or side-effects?

All aesthetics treatments come with side-effects and some can cause discomfort, which is why it’s essential to follow aftercare procedures as outlined by your dermatologist. Laser skin treatment often comes with mild swelling, redness and itching, which passes within days. However, in rare cases, scarring, pigmentation and infection can occur. 

What other treatments could I try?

It depends what you’re looking to treat. You can help treat signs of ageing with fillers and wrinkle reduction injections, and skincare could help balance pigmentation. There are also other aesthetic treatments which could improve the tone, texture and appearance of your skin, which our dermatologists can discuss with you during a consultation at our laser skin clinic. 

Why should I choose Cedars Dermatology?

First and foremost, we’re dermatologists, so we’re trained in the art of skin science. We work with experts in the field to bring you the best in care, and deliver high-quality, ethical treatments that create exceptional results. Our reviews are a testament to the commitment we give each and every patient we work with, and we pride ourselves on helping improve our patients’ quality of life as much as giving them satisfying results. 

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